TransAmerica Bike Ride Day 5 – 80 miles

With no electricity and limited cell service, yesterday’s ride put me in bed early. I had a fabulous dinner of roasted almonds and Goldfish, washed down with recovery drink. I awoke in time to see the sun rise over the desert.
When Mike opened up at 7:00, he introduced me to Heinz. He had flown to Miami from his home in northern Italy and purchased a bike to ride to San Diego. This guy is amazing! He has no cartilage left in his ankles and walks with crutches. The night after he bought his bike it was stolen from the hostel where he was staying. Rather than calling it quits he bought another bike on Craigslist. The seller turns out to be Italian also and helps Heinz get fully equipped. Once he gets to San Diego, he’ll ride north up the Pacific Coast Highway to San Francisco. Oh yeah, he’s 68 years old and doing this so he can practice his English.
I had a perfect riding day. The wind blew me to Needles. I didn’t take any wrong turns. I made it across the Mojave Desert, which was my biggest worry about the whole trip. It wasn’t as desolate as I expected. The Road Runner and Coyote views must come in New Mexico and Texas.
I passed the 10 percent mark of 300 miles today. I thought it was too early a milestone to celebrate.



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