The Ties That Bind

I had lunch with my friend Doug Walker the other day. Doug and I each have three children who are about the same ages. As we caught up, he told me about the tribulations of his children and I told him how well they lined up with the experiences I was having with mine. We extended our lunch to almost two hours and I was glad to have had this respite from “real life” in the middle of my day.

The next day, Doug sent me an email thanking me for the conversation. He told me that he found that our conversation made it much easier for him to accept the path his son was taking to adulthood. It struck me as odd that he thought that, because I was thinking the same thing. His stories of his children made me feel much better about the path my eldest has chosen to adulthood. Looking back, I realize that Doug and I lost track of what wonderful people our kids are. They are well adjusted, intelligent people. They haven’t done anything heinous. They just didn’t take the direct route to the work world. If that’s the worst anyone did in life, we’d have a much better world in which to live.

I was a big fan of The Celestine Prophecy before it became a franchise and mini-religion. I believe that everyone has a message for you. Doug and I had the same message for each other. It was easy for each to tell the other what he couldn’t tell himself.