TransAmerica Bike Ride Day 6 – 58 miles

I started earlier this morning because the temperature was good and the Budget Inn didn’t even offer coffee. I  continued following Route 66 until I realized it was taking me south to go north. I flipped a U and found my way to an older version of 66 that headed in the right direction. I crossed the Colorado River into Arizona (1 state down and 11 to go). The climbing started as soon as I got in Arizona. I climbed over 3000 feet in 30 miles. It doesn’t seem like much to climb 100 feet per mile but believe me it’s an experience that can’t be found in Indiana. I stopped in the middle in Oatman for breakfast. This town is a tourist attraction that maintains the city the way it was in its heyday. I had a great breakfast at Olive Oatman’s before climbing another 5 miles. When I reached Sitgrease Pass I was at the highest point of the ride. The next 5 miles almost made the previous 30 worthwhile. I got the better version of the ride down Haleakala that Susie and I did in Maui. Coasting down a steep hill – 1300 feet in 5 miles. No one to tell me to slow down. I even passed a car!
The downhill ended and I had to climb for the final 20 miles of the day into Kingman. I visited the Route 66 Museum. It wasn’t as interesting as I hoped,  but it showed me a topographic map of Route 66. I have a lot more climbing ahead of me.
I got a room at the Days Inn where Ann at the front desk offered to split Chinese delivery with me because the delivery minimum was $15, which is a lot of Chinese food. When we couldn’t get an answer at the restaurant Ann went for her microwave dinner and I bought half a chicken and sides from the Basha’s grocery store across the street. Delicious.
I have become another Route 66 roadside attraction.



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