The Incredible Lego Building Block

Lego LogoI was reading a recent copy of eWeek in the bathroom. eWeek is one of those magazines that is designed for bathroom reading (at least for men). In this issue, Clint Boulton wrote about the Google Doodle commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Lego building block. I have always loved Legos. They are the ultimate in creative toys — even more so when it’s just a bucket full of different shaped pieces. No people, or wheels, or windows, or anything but different colored and different sized blocks. That’s all you need to put your imagination to work and have some fun. I’ve used Legos to teach creativity to children and adults. I’ve used them in team building exercises to demonstrate everything from design challenges to the perils of hidden agendas. Over the years, I’ve collected a large bucket full of them than any man, woman, or child I know. And I’ve made friends with a lot of little kids by pouring them on the floor and starting to build.

Now Legos have introduced me to something that I never noticed before: the Google Doodle. You see I, like probably most of you, don’t spend much time on the Google home page. I use the Google search bar so the first thing I see is the results page. By doing so, I’ve missed the holiday Doodles done by Dennis Hwang. I’ve also missed that wonderful reminder that sometimes less is more. The next time you visit a website that starts with a five minute flash video set to “Are Y’all Ready for This” or “Who Let the Dogs Out,” click over to and see how simplicity can work on a home page. While you’re there, take a look at the recent Doodles. Then go find a little kid and a bucket of Legos and enjoy an experience that has been so cool for 50 years.