Working for a Living

I’m coming up on my seventeenth year working at Port-to-Port Consulting. When I started the company with my good friend Bob Beaty, I really hoped that we could keep it running for a couple of years and pay off the startup debt because that would look good on my resume. We did pay off our startup debt in about two years. We kept adding staff and changing office spaces to accommodate the new staff until the next thing I knew, nearly 17 years had passed.

I have completely lost my friendship with Bob. My children have grown up. My hair is turning gray. I’m starting to wonder what went thru my mind when I didn’t start shopping my resume at the two year point. The fact is simply that I enjoy what I do and I can’t imagine doing something else that would be as fulfilling. Sure, lots of things would be more financially rewarding. Many things would come with better perks. Nothing else can make work seem like it’s not work.

On occasion I have really bad days. They usually involve working with some or all of my staff in trying to get them to see that they can go so far if they just let go and really start to enjoy their jobs. I don’t always inspire in the manner that I’d like. Today was one of those days. Yet I got home and was looking forward to going back to work tomorrow.

Nothing beats working for a living.