TransAmerica Bike Ride Day 4 – 81 miles

I fall asleep easier each night. Last night I could hear the people walking around in the room above me and the showers in the rooms next to me. In the same instant I noticed these noises I fell sound asleep and slept hard for 8 hours which is unusual for me.
I got started earlier this morning since the temperature was warmer. My first problem came when I encountered a detour for road construction. The detour went down a gravel road. Little did I know that this was a taste of things to come.
Just as I was leaving Barstow I came upon a Marine base that sat right where my map said Route 66 was supposed to be. The guard at the gate told me I’d have to take the Interstate to the next exit to get back on course, so I entered the highway for the second time this trip and made it successfully to the continuation of Route 66.
The next 20 miles were blissful. I had the wind at my back. I was going mostly downhill. The road was smooth with few cars. It was bicycle Nirvana! A dog broke my revery when he got out of his yard and charged me. With these road conditions he didn’t have a chance. I stayed just enough ahead of him that he still thought he might catch me. His owner is probably wondering why he’s so tired this evening.
If the poor dog had been a couple of miles further down the road, he’d be telling his friends about the bike rider he ate for breakfast. That’s the point where Route 66 turned into something that looked like it used to be a road. If you’ve had the experience of driving on 10th Street between Alabama and Delaware,  imagine 20 miles of that and you have an idea of the conditions. I didn’t get to do much looking around because the road required all of my attention.
Once I passed Ludlow, where I stopped for lunch, the road got better. Not good but better. Thanks to the awesome first 20, I made it to Amboy before 3:00. The town of Amboy is completely owned by one man. He’s a Fast Food chicken king who wants to restore the town to its heyday when it was an oasis for Route 66 travelers. He hasn’t made much progress but Mike, the man who runs the snack shop is incredibly kind. He’s fixed up a room in the old Roy’s Motel for bike riders coming thru. He said I’m the 4th or 5th in the past week,  all heading east.
I know this doesn’t look like much, but the alternative is sleeping outside in the desert. Another tent free night that was supposed to be a tent night.



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