And Still Counting

My wife and I got married over the Memorial Day weekend in 1983. On our first anniversary, I was about to head to Air Force Officer Training School (OTS) and we were to be apart for the summer. A good friend lent us her apartment for the Memorial Day weekend so we could have some privacy. It was a great weekend! Because of that first anniversary, we established a tradition of taking the Memorial Day weekend to spend time alone as a couple. Most years we drive to a city and figure out how we’ll spend the weekend after we get there. On some occasions we plan a trip that includes flying somewhere. Last year, we went to San Francisco for a week. I took that opportunity to give Susie a new wedding ring. I had always told her she’d have to wait until we’d been married for 25 years. When I gave it to her I told her she had earned time off for good behavior.

This year we celebrate our 25th anniversary and we’re going to Costa Rica and I expected I’d get a new ring while there. Instead, I got a few days off for good behavior and received my new ring last night.  We’re in New York with a business group so it was unexpected. We had spent the afternoon at the Bodies exhibition. She told me she had been waiting for a romantic location to give me the ring. After 25 years, any place that I’m alone with her is romantic to me.

A Corporate First

Port-to-Port is about to celebrate its 17th year in business providing computer support to central Indiana businesses. In the past few years, we have seldom had a month in which one of our client companies doesn’t move offices. We’ve been involved in office build-outs, and building rennovations, and many new construction projects. It’s always fun and exciting to see an organization’s new home go from CAD drawings to actual space. The most recent of our client companies to start this process is the Center for Leadership Development. Their project represents a first for Port-to-Port because they included our name on the construction site sign. Here’s a picture (we’re in the lower left):

CLD Construction Sign

It’s a lot more exciting for me than it probably is for you, but trust me, it’s really exciting for me.