TransAmerica Bike Ride Day 45 – 115 miles

I left Hancock on the road instead of the trail, but it seems that I’m always looking at the grass on the other side of fence. After climbing some long steep hills I decided to try the C&O Towpath, hoping to avoid some hills.
The information I had gotten about the Towpath was accurate. It is much more rugged than the GAP, and it was flatter than the roads. It was also very wet and muddy. The bike and I got covered in mud quickly. It turns out that the mud is just like the water. Once you’re covered, you’re covered.
Unfortunately, there was no marker to indicate where I should get off to get to Leesburg, my intended destination for the day.
By the time I realized I had passed Leesburg, I was only 30 miles from DC. I called Alex to tell him that I was riding in today. He rode out to meet me and guide me to his place. He got soaked and muddy as well. I rode 115 miles today, which is my longest ride of the trip. I did the same thing at the end of my trip around Lake Michigan.
So I’m here! I’ve ridden 2949 miles over the past 45 days. It was an incredible experience.



7 thoughts on “TransAmerica Bike Ride Day 45 – 115 miles

  1. Congratulations on completed the C2C journey. We have enjoyed keeping up with your daily entries and were privileged to be a small part of it also –Tom, Larry, & Terry in Tulsa

    1. Thanks, Tom. From now on, GAP will no longer be Greenwood, Archer, and Pine for me. It will be Great American Passage.

  2. Hi Damon!
    I just finished reading all your posts from this journey across USA. Congratulations! Your dream became reality and we are very happy that everything when well for you!
    Denise and I are leaving for Lima, Peru on July 5th! The house is rented, the car is sold and the bikes are ready! We will be riding in South America for the next two years! We still have our Blog and will be updating it with our stories from down under!
    I just finished editing a Video on the whole USA trip of las summer. You appear in it!
    Keep well! Safe roads, happy trails and…tail winds to you!
    Charles & Denise

    1. Charles,
      You and Denise amaze me. While I must admit that I’ve already started considering what my next tour might look like, I doubt that it will be longer than this adventure. Good luck in South America. I’ll be following along.

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