TransAmerica Bike Ride Day 44 – 73 miles

I slept well in the building where embalming used to be done. My waitress at the Take Six told me about the building’s history. I may have been the only person in the 3 story building overnight.
As a result of solid sleep, I had breakfast at the Donges Drive Motel and still got on the road shortly after 7:00. I took roads rather than the GAP out of Meyersdale but it only took 4 miles for me to decide that I preferred the gravel of the GAP over the hills of the streets. I took the trail to its end in Cumberland.
In Cumberland, I tried to get the story on the C&O Towpath trail. Even at the Towpath Information Center I could only get the party line. However, one of the Center’s employees gave me the party line with a stern caution about the impact of last night’s heavy rain. I got back on the road, and started climbing hills I thought I would avoid.
I made it to Hancock, MD without event. The hills were rough, and much slower without Urs to chase. I’m glad the first half of the day was on the trail.
Today I entered Maryland, my 13th state. I also crossed the Mason & Dixon line at the same time. And I crossed the Eastern Continental Divide.



One thought on “TransAmerica Bike Ride Day 44 – 73 miles

  1. Dear Damon
    I’m in Carlisle, PA, right now. Those hills won’t end. By the end of Monday, I made 7400ft in total, yesterday and today again each 5000ft. Hope you are well! Soon, you got it. All the best for your last two days.
    Ride on,

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