TransAmerica Bike Ride Day 43 – 83 miles

I had a short ride from the motel to the Great Allegheny Passage. Of course it included a big hill. Once I got on the trail I didn’t think it was all that great. I guess I’m just a city boy. I like paved roads and city scapes. The GAP is too bucolic for me. I saw some incredible views, but I don’t think I’ll be riding any more of the trail. My legs looked like they had been breaded for frying after the first couple of hours.
It was strange to have no cars passing by all day. I didn’t see as many bikers as I expected. When I reached Rockwood, my intended destination, I had to burn a couple of hours before the hostel opened. Since there was no cell service I picked up some brochures. One of them talked about the hostel in Meyersdale, which was less than 15 miles away. So off I went.
When I got to Meyersdale, I discovered that the hostel was closed indefinitely. I found a hotel that has a hostel room. I really wanted to have a hostel experience. Turns out I have a room with 6 beds all to myself and a communal bathroom that I share with no one. Can I count this as a hostel experience?



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