TransAmerica Bike Ride Day 40 – 75 miles

For 39 days I’ve schemed around the weather. Today my bike was never on dry pavement. Jessica fixed me breakfast, and some great coffee. I stalled until 8:30 then I put on my rain jacket and hit the road again. The temperature was warm enough and the rain light enough that once I was wet it didn’t bother me.
Just outside of Columbus another bike rider pulled up next to me and commented on what lovely riding weather we were having. Urs was also riding across the country.
As we talked our journeys sounded freaky similar. When I was leaving the Santa Monica pier, he was leaving Venice Beach. We hadn’t followed the same route until St Louis. But oh the coincidences. Our bikes have almost the same equipment: rims, panniers, drive train. He even has a pair of toe shoes for post-ride wear.
Urs and I rode together all day. It was nice to have someone to share the miserable weather with. We’ll ride together tomorrow and perhaps a part of Monday. He’s from Switzerland and has New York as his final destination.
I didn’t take any pictures because of the rain.


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