TransAmerica Bike Ride Day 39 – 75 miles

I got on the road early this morning in hopes of getting to Columbus without getting rained on. I almost made it. The rain started drizzling about 55 miles into the ride. I never got really rained on but 10 miles in drizzle gets you wet. The rain stopped as I reached the edge of Columbus.
Unfortunately, my haste to beat the weather got me to my destination just a little after 1:00. My warmshowers host, Jessica, won’t be home until 6:00.
I rode thru downtown. It’s about the same size as Indy but Indy seems less congested to me.
Jessica had given me some places near her house to hang out. My first stop was Jenni’s Ice Cream. They don’t serve malts but the ice cream was so good that I was glad I didn’t get to ruin it by making a malt with it. Right next to Jenni’s was the Brown Bag Deli. I had a great turkey sandwich and an IBC root beer before heading in search of real beer. I figured the ice cream served as recovery step one.
I found beer at the World of Beer. 50 beers on tap and 500 beers available. That’s where I’m writing this post. I hope I can get my bike to Jessica’s after sitting here sipping beer for 2 hours.
Here’s my photo for today. As I rode past the Columbus Convention Center I was surprised to see a sculpture of Arnold. It turns out he won his first Mr Universe (or whatever the title was) here in Columbus in 1970. But how far could he ride that Teledyne Titan?



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