TransAmerica Bike Ride Days 36 & 37 – Rest Days

I arrived in Indy two days ahead of schedule so I decided to take an extra rest day here rather than be a pest to Alex and Joubert for an extra day in DC. It’s a good thing too. Susie had a few things saved up for me to do while I was at home. She joked that she was my warmshowers host, but I pointed out that all of my other warmshowers hosts nearly fought me when I tried to do anything to help out.

I did get fed well though. And I fixed a pretty good home cooked meal on Tuesday evening.

Indianapolis represents the three-quarter mark in the journey (2300 miles), so it’s time for a health update:

  • Saddle sores are about the same. Two days off the bike did help in this regard so I guess they aren’t permanent.
  • My allergies have gone nuts since I hit Missouri. I’m adding the weight of allergy medicines as I roll out tomorrow.
  • My back has strengthened enough that I’ve discontinued my morning stretching routine.
  • My legs produce more power and have more stamina. I’ll likely increase my mileage from here on out.
  • The tan lines are hilarious. It will take the rest of the summer to even out.

I have to admit that sleeping in my own bed was a treat. If the ride were less fun it would be easy to quit, but I got up on Wednesday morning feeling like I was supposed to be getting on my bike. I’m confident that I won’t need my tent and sleeping bag between here and DC so I’m leaving them behind.

Several people have asked how they can help me on this adventure. The best way is to send your support. I read all the comments here and on LinkedIn and Facebook. They make this seem less crazy. Next, if you know someone along US 40 between Indy and Pittsburgh who might be willing to put me up for a night, ask them. Ronnie hooked me up with her dad in Tulsa and that was one of the best times of the trip. He’s even considering the Seattle to San Diego ride along the Pacific Coast Highway now.

The last option is to support my next crazy adventure when I go to Africa with the Anchor of Hope Charities to hand out 20,000 pairs of shoes. I have to raise enough money to cover the costs of me being there. Make a donation (small or large) at

New shoes on children

Happy children with new shoes


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