TransAmerica Bike Ride Day 35 – 90 miles

I’ve been riding with two GPS devices. I use Google Maps on my phone and I have my Garmin Edge with Open StreetMap files. They rarely agree on the best route from one place to another, but this morning they didn’t even agree on what time it was. My phone had already moved into the Eastern time zone while the Garmin was staying in Central time until I crossed into Indiana. I didn’t use either for navigation, since it was easy to find US 40 which was all I needed.
So I left the Super 8 at 6:30 Central so I could meet Dora, my mother-in-law, in Terre Haute at 9:00 Eastern for breakfast. Dan joined us at Boo’s Crossroads Cafe for a delightful breakfast before I continued east to the Rose-Hulman campus where Jason met me with a photographer, Dale, to get some shots of me. I made one last stop at the Lambda Chi house and then got down to the business of getting home.
There were a lot of construction zones on US 40 as I came across Indiana. I got into the habit of reading the painted instructions on the pavement that was there for the workers. As I approached one construction zone just outside of Plainfield, I noticed something new. It said, “G O D A M O N.” I kept wondering what that could mean when it hit me that my name was painted there. Right as I thought that, I looked up to see Barb, Doug, and Jeff jumping up and down on the side of the road waving a sign. This was an amazing surprise.
I have some great friends!
So, after riding nearly 2300 miles, I get less than 2 miles from my house and suffer my first mishap. I was riding along Washington Street trying to get on the Cultural Trail when I reached a point where there was no ramp on the sidewalk. In my effort to negotiate the curb, down I went. It was so embarrassing.


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