TransAmerica Bike Ride Day 33 – 76 miles

Jason fixed a great breakfast before he and I took off heading to Illinois. Beth put my panniers in the car so I could ride lighter. I was still a lot heavier than Jason, but it was fun to ride without the extra pounds.
Jason rode with me for about 30 miles. We saw the world’s largest catsup bottle in Collinsville.
We met up with Beth and Kevin just outside Collinsville where I had to put the panniers back on. Before we separated Beth gave me a hot cup of coffee and an assortment of chocolates. I think she’ll make a great wife for someone.
I rode the next 30 miles alone. It was the most beautiful weather day of the trip so far. As I rolled into the town of Greenville, my friend Thom was standing on the side of the road waving at me. He had driven to Vandalia and then hopped on his recumbent bike to meet me. We rode the last 20 miles together. What fun!
Thom and I sat around a room at the Ramada drinking post-ride beers and watching the Pacers finally finish off the Hawks.
I left the Show Me State for the Land of Lincoln today. I switched from the historic Mother Road to the historic National Road. I crossed the Mississippi River. I saw the world’s largest catsup bottle. And once again I realized how great life can be if you let it.



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