TransAmerica Bike Ride Day 30 – 66 miles

Another cold day. I stayed in my motel room until 9:30 hoping for a couple more degrees. When I started riding, I was wearing everything I had on top. I had toe warmers in my shoes. It was enough,  just barely, to keep me from freezing.
Even with the cold I quickly got into the zone and covered miles pretty quickly. At one point I felt this sense that I needed to look up. I was awed by the view.


I’m sure this photo doesn’t do justice to what I saw. Let me say these are the moments when I realize how magnificent our world is and how insignificant a part of it I am.
I stopped in Waynesville to warm up. Then I missed a turn and rode a few miles out of the way. When I backtracked, I discovered that Route 66 ran on I-44 for a few miles. It had been so long since I rode on the Interstate that I was apprehensive again. I had no problems and arrived at the home of my warmshowers hosts, Mark and Sue. Sue had gone to St Louis to see the Cardinals play so Mark took to Alex’s Pizza for dinner. We met his friend Bill there. Mark and Bill did a tour together in Montana a few years ago.
The food was good. The conversation was great.


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