TransAmerica Bike Ride Day 29 – 59 miles

My recovery routine was specially supplemented by the Mother’s Brewery tasting room. Stuart didn’t offer me a beer that wasn’t delicious.
Stuart and his children, Jane and Brady, took me into their home. Jane even let me have her room for the night.
I started today by calling my mama to wish her a happy 89th birthday. After seeing how the cows respond to my singing I decided to spare her that.
It was a cold, overcast day. I kept putting more clothes on. The temperature just barely broke 50, my preferred starting temperature. Once I got cold I didn’t want to stop riding for fear that I wouldn’t go back out if I warmed up.
I did finally stop when I got to Redmon’s Candy Factory. How could I pass that up? Turtles and malted milk balls, yum! I love burning so many calories every day.
Thru the cold, I still managed to get into the zone and miss most of the passing miles.


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