TransAmerica Bike Ride Day 26 – 100 miles

Larry wanted to give me a big Tulsa send off so Terry fixed a great breakfast and then we loaded my,  Larry’s, and his neighbor Tom’s bikes in 5 truck. We drove downtown to the new Route 66 commemorative bridge for a photo opp. Terry took the truck back home. Larry went for his regular Saturday 50 miler. Tom escorted me out of Tulsa. He showed me some of the historic parts of town including the streets that are the basis for the name of the GAP Band, a Tulsa group.
Tom stayed with me to Catoosa, the home of the Blue Whale watering hole.


It was nice to have a riding companion for a bit. Tom was with me for 20 miles. It was also nice to drop back into my rhythm. I made good time to Vinita, which was my target destination for the day. When I got there I was bothered by the Sunday forecast. It didn’t seem possible for me to dodge the storm front that was headed for western Missouri.
I decided to ride further. I figured I was trading dry miles today for wet ones tomorrow. It was nice not to have to debate the decision with traveling companions.


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