TransAmerica Bike Ride Day 24 – 54 miles

The train woke me up early this morning. Since I had a short ride to Tulsa, I decided to have breakfast at The Rock Cafe. When I walked into the restaurant, a lady there said, “You must be the bike rider.”
It turns out that Dawn from warmshowers is the owner of the Rock. We had exchanged messages. I got a fabulous omelet, and when I finished the waitress told me that Dawn was paying for my meal. As if the breakfast wasn’t great already!
I rode quickly from Stroud to Sapulpa where I discovered that I was 10 miles closer to my destination than I expected to be. I didn’t feel right about ending the ride before a rest day on less than 50 miles so I looked up Tom’s Bike Shop, which Moni had recommended and continued to there.
The folks at Tom’s put a new tire and tube on the back for me. They also checked my chain and gave me a new water bottle. I’d had to throw one away because of hygiene issues.
Not 10 minutes after I walked into the bike shop, it started pouring down rain. I had successfully avoided another big storm. I called Larry, who had planned to pick me up at a local car dealership that was easy to find on 66. He was surprised to hear that I was at Tom’s, but relieved to learn that I wasn’t in the storm.
Larry took me home in his pickup truck — he pointed out the fact. He and his wife Terry practically adopted me. We had a great meal and terrific conversation.
As I approached Tulsa, I saw the first Dan Henry of the trip on the side of the road. I knew that I had finally reached road bike civilization.



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