TransAmerica Bike Ride Day 23 – 65 miles

Warmshowers hosts fall into two categories: awesome and absent. I spent last night with one of the awesome. Moni had read enough of my blog to have 2 cold beers waiting for me. She told me stories of her many cycling adventures, and I got to sleep in a Murphy bed!
Moni gave me a cue sheet to get me out of Oklahoma City and back on Route 66 with the least hill climbing. Try getting that from Garmin or Google.
Once I hit the road, I just tooled along. Before I knew it, I was halfway to Stroud. I stopped for lunch and, when I came out, discovered flat tire number 4. Ever the optimist, I pumped it up and took off down the road. Six miles later I pulled over to change it. A thorough inspection found no cause. I suspect today’s heat gave the patched tube a chance to loosen. I also noticed that the rear tire is nearing its end of life. Do cyclists rotate their tires?
I have another patched tube in there. I plan to take a rest day in Tulsa so I’ll have time to consult with experts. In the meantime I’ll continue to hope everything is good.
I passed the halfway point today! I’m more than 1500 miles into the trip. Here’s a physical update:
The saddle sores haven’t really changed. I’m beginning to worry that they’re permanent.
My sunburned right leg is almost done peeling.
My right Achilles tendon is better. I take 2 Alieve each morning, which seems to help.
My legs have less power but more stamina — probably a good indication that a rest day is in order.
I have the strangest collection of tan lines.
I have more fun each day.
I’m staying in another Route 66 classic motel: The Skyliner in Stroud, Oklahoma.



2 thoughts on “TransAmerica Bike Ride Day 23 – 65 miles

  1. I forgot to tell you, to go to Tom’s Rivertrails bike shop, on Peroria and 71st. Make sure, and tell Tom “hi” from me. 🙂

    and yes, you want to get new tires on a tour across the US. I don’t rotate, I get new when it shows wear. 🙂


    1. I went to Tom’s. He wasn’t there for me to tell him hello for you. I did get a new tire. I still find myself checking to see if it’s flat.

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