TransAmerica Bike Ride Day 22 – 71 miles

It was already above 50 degrees when I woke up this morning. I had a great breakfast at The Mark restaurant and got on the road about 8:30. The wind had shifted overnight so that it was blowing from the east, directly in my face. But I made my peace with the wind yesterday so everything was good.

I rode thru landscape that looked more like Indiana today. The hills were more like southern Indiana than central. They were rolling hills where the ups felt too steep and the downs felt too shallow, but all-in-all they netted out.

I spent most of the day in my own little reverie so I can’t tell you much about the ride. I did stop to have lunch at Sid’s Diner in El Reno. Sid’s had been featured on Man vs Food, but what attracted me was the smell of greasy burgers that wafted into the intersection as I rolled thru. The burger was great: heart attack on a bun! I hope it was well reviewed on the TV show.

My only disappointment of the day was the lack of a Welcome to Oklahoma City on the road on which I entered. I didn’t get a welcome to Oklahoma sign on entering the state either. One would think they aren’t very welcoming here, but every other little town had a welcome sign, even Warr Acres. Nonetheless, this is the 8th city in the song. I’m going to need suggestions from you all about songs with cities along US 40 soon. After St Louis, the Route 66 song is no good to me. I realize that’s still several days away, but I’m giving you time to do some research.

Shortly after I think I entered the town, Moni met me on her bicycle. She had hurried home from work and jumped on her bike to guide me in the last few miles. Aren’t Warmshowers people wonderful? This lady is the queen of Oklahoma cycling. She has ridden all over the state, and the US, and even did a tour in her native Germany. I noted her strange Oklahoma accent right away.

Sorry, all the pictures today were taken on the camera. I don’t have one to add until I get back home.


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