TransAmerica Bike Ride Day 21 – 65 miles

A couple of hours after I stopped yesterday, the storm that had been chasing me arrived. The locals said it was mild. I watched a lightening show out my window that was better than the Broad Ripple Yacht Club’s Independence Day fireworks. I was so glad I hadn’t decided to go further.
This morning was calm and cloudy. The storm had moved to Oklahoma City. My ride was windy, but that’s normal for these parts. I finally made peace with the wind for good. As the saying goes, “You get to choose how you respond to the situation.” I chose to have a great day.
I’m below 2000 feet of elevation. The terrain looks more familiar: trees instead of cactus and wood instead of adobe.
I rolled into Weatherford early enough to stroll down their main street and check out the shops. This was a great day of riding.
With a few more of these in Texas and Oklahoma, America could easily become energy independent.



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