TransAmerica Bike Ride Day 20 – 65 miles

I swear we can solve America’s energy problems by filling the Texas panhandle with windmills. Al of the locals told me this is normal for this time of year, and it’s worse in the winter. Even though there was no sign to tell me I had entered Oklahoma, I was glad to leave Texas. That’s 4 states crossed.
The first city I reached in Oklahoma was Erick. It’s the hometown of Roger “King of the Road” Miller AND Sheb “Purple People Eater” Wooley. If that’s not enough,  the town sits on the 100th Meridian too.
The wind didn’t notice me until about the 30 mile mark but it made up for it. I spent the day riding between storm fronts. I could see the one that had passed thru during the night as I rode toward it. I never looked back to see how close the 2nd one was getting. Just as I reached Sayre, the temperature dropped and the wind changed direction. I knew it was time to stop.
Hotels in this part of Oklahoma are a bit pricey. Sayre only has the AmericInn. She gave me the jacuzzi room for an extra $8. The nicest room I’ll sleep in on this trip.



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