TransAmerica Bike Ride Day 19 – 73 miles

Today was a repeat of Thursday in terms of conditions. After having a great breakfast of French Toast with Kyle and Helen, I hit the road. I didn’t realize how wide Amarillo is. I rode 15 miles before I was out of town. Some of that may have been the twists and turns that Google maps generates when you ask it for bike directions.
My Garmin decided that it couldn’t map a route to Alanreed, so I had to trust Google. That proved to be a bad idea as it sent me to a 13 mile stretch of dirt road. I minimized the time on dirt while avoiding a 10 mile backtrack.
The wind was fierce again. Helen and Kyle told me that most of the warmshowers riders who contact them eventually bail on riding thru the Texas panhandle because of the wind. When it’s blowing at 20 mph, it doesn’t have to be a headwind to take a lot out of you. Oh how I miss the prevailing easterlies.
I rode slowly with my head down as much as my old body would let me. When I arrived in Alanreed, I discovered that the whole town seems to consist of a couple of buildings that contain the Post Office, the liquor store, the gift shop, the gas station, and the snack bar. Right next door is the six room motel. I got room number six.



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