TransAmerica Bike Ride Day 17 – 75 miles

Let me start with the good news about today. I left New Mexico (3rd state) and entered Texas. I also left Mountain Time for Central Time.
The bad news: the wind. I didn’t get the jilted lover treatment today.  It was more like the insanely jealous boyfriend. It was constantly in my face. In addition, the temperature just barely hit 50. As a result my progress was slow. I trudged along to my target destination of Adrian only to discover that the only hotel in town was out of business. 15 more miles in the wind got me to Vega, where I found a Days Inn.
The wind necessitated a mostly head down day so I didn’t enjoy much of the scenery. However, as bad days go, if this is as bad as I get, this will be an awesome trip.



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