TransAmerica Bike Ride Day 13 – 107 miles

I got an early start after a breakfast of prefabricated eggs with toast. The wind was not mad at me any more. The road was rolling hills. I covered 60 miles by noon and decided to push to my next warmshowers hosts, Tari and Tim Thiery. I had told them that I’d be there on Sunday or Monday. The ride continued to be swift until I descended into Albuquerque. Route 66 goes thru town on a street that has lots of stoplights so the riding was slower. It allowed me to see some of Albuquerque. I rode past the car wash from Breaking Bad.
Tim and Tari are recently transplanted Hoosiers. They moved here from Goshen to work at a new school. They have a son who is a freshman at IU who just made the Cutters Little 500 team. I had a great evening with them and a wonderful home cooked meal.
We ended the evening with a game of Scrabble.
Speaking of Breaking Bad,  I shaved so I wouldn’t enter Albuquerque with a Walter White look.



3 thoughts on “TransAmerica Bike Ride Day 13 – 107 miles

    1. People who know me will figure out that I didn’t win by the absence. I did tell Susie that the only thing you could have done to be better hosts would have been to let me win at Scrabble.

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