TransAmerica Bike Ride Day 12 – 63 miles

I had an awesome breakfast at the Sleep Inn that included a made-to-order omelet just like the billboard had promised. I had run out of cash so I tried to use the ATM in the hotel lobby. It was offline.
I left Gallup on regular roads. I had become accustomed to riding on the Interstate but I still prefer the surface streets. I stopped at several bank machines along my route and they were all offline.
Except for my struggles with the wind, the day went uneventfully … until I came out of the Dairy Queen and found a flat rear tire. I thought perhaps someone had let the air out while I was eating so I pumped it up. I didn’t hear air leaking so off I went. About 10 miles later I noticed the tire was low. At that point I was less than 10 miles from Grants so I pumped it up again and rode on. I figured it was easier to fix the tire after getting a room than sitting on the side of the road.
I pulled into the Motel 6 in Grants. The lady at the counter told me she could only take cash. Their credit card system had been down all day. I thought it was amazing that something could take out the banking system over a 50 mile stretch.
Since I was out of cash I went to the Comfort Inn next door. Her system was down too, but she had one of those old fashioned mechanical card readers. I got a room.
Fixing the tire went remarkably well, considering the trouble I’d had putting them on originally. While I was at it I patched the old tube. It had a very small puncture so I thought it was worth saving.
The Comfort Inn had a hot tub. I guess getting booted at the Motel 6 wasn’t without benefits.


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