TransAmerica Bike Ride Day 12 – The Wind

The wind treated me like a spurned lover today. She started the day beside me, neither helping nor hindering. Just as I got settled into a comfortable rhythm she jumped in my face and screamed until I could barely move. Then she bounced me side to side with big gusts and threw sand into my sunburned leg. Then she left me alone to consider what had happened.
Just like a man who has somehow angered his lover, I was sure this was not my fault, while at the same time a part of me was certain that it was.
She came back in my face, harder this time. As she started to toss me from side to side again, a long BNSF train came by and tried to block her attack like a good friend trying to help. As long as the train was there she remained civil, not cordial and not hostile.
When the train was gone she made it clear that asking friends to intervene only makes the situation worse, a lesson we men have such difficulty remembering.
She teased and tormented me for most of the day. Nothing I could say or do would make things right. Finally I got mad and told her to get over herself and let me know when we could go back to normal.
I realize the wind is not alive and it doesn’t care a whit about me, but it really felt personal today.


3 thoughts on “TransAmerica Bike Ride Day 12 – The Wind

  1. I think I see a book coming out of this trip. Glad you still realize the wind is not alive. I thought we might have to send the rescue chopper in and bring you to an institution. Keep posting. Cool ride to follow.

    1. You can get an up to date location on me if you pull up my blog site and click on the little map on the right side.

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