TransAmerica Bike Ride Day 11 – 53 miles

Today was a day of milestones for the trip:

  • I entered my third state. Woot New Mexico.
  • I changed time zones. Woot Mountain Time.
  • I hit the 6th of the 10 cities in the song. Woot Gallup, New Mexico.
  • And I passed the 25% mark of the ride. Woot Woot 750 miles!

My ride was short and uneventful which allowed me to slip into my mind. I got so close to that Zen state that I’m always chasing that I didn’t even notice the 5 mile beeps that remind me to drink. Upon entering Gallup, I found a nice place to eat lunch and then cruised around the town. I was hoping to have another warmshowers host tonight but he never replied to my inquiries, so I got a room at the Sleep Inn. My driving factors were the hot tub and the made-to-order omelet bar at breakfast.

In honor of the several milestones for today, I thought I’d stop and provide an assessment of my condition so far. I’ve already alluded to my incredible mental state. This is a truly awesome experience. It’s physically demanding but not to the point that it puts me at risk.

Now for a quick rundown on my physical condition, starting with the worst of it:

  • I have saddle sores on both sides. They first appeared around the third day. They don’t seem to be getting worse or better, but they are there and they get my attention from time to time. Any more detail will surely cross the TMI line if I haven’t already.
  • My right Achilles’ tendon is sore when I’m riding. It doesn’t hurt any other time and I can adjust my stroke to keep it from hurting when I ride.
  • I have sunburn on my right leg. It’s always facing south so it gets more sun. I’ve been applying sunscreen to keep it in check. If I hadn’t used the Rob Glass approach to sun protection, this wouldn’t be a problem.
  • My right hip hurts a little when I sit in a chair. Simple solution, don’t sit in chairs. I think it’s related to my pedaling adjustment.
  • And I’m in need of some basic grooming. My fingernails are longer than I find acceptable. My face looks like a mangy dog.

All in all, I’m doing quite well.

After all the days on I-40, this was a bit saddening to see:


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