TransAmerica Bike Ride Day 10 – 80 miles

I had dinner at DJ’s, at Debbie’s recommendation. It’s not a place I’d take my friends, but I was in Winslow.
I’ve come to realize that the whole state of Arizona seems to revolve around Phoenix. You’ve probably heard about the big heat wave they’re having. Well it isn’t happening where I’m riding. I still have to wait for the temperature to hit my magic 50 each morning. Today I nursed my free cup of coffee at McDonald’s while I waited.
I was on the Interstate all day again. I’ve gotten used to it and am able to enjoy the ride without sweating the traffic. I had another friendly tail wind and gently rolling hills that helped me to make great time to Chambers. At one point I figured I must have dropped considerably in altitude. When I checked I was still higher than Denver. It’s funny how different 5000 feet feels depending on which side you came from.
It turns out that Chambers is just the exit to get to the Petrified Forest. There is one hotel and I’m it. The pool is drained and the restaurant doesn’t serve beer. My mojo will take a hit tonight.
I saw a prairie dog colony or village or whatever it’s called along the road this morning. Those little buggers were too skittish for my camera.
The scenery came back into focus for me. I still couldn’t channel Ansel Adams, especially with my phone as my instrument, but here’s what I got.



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