TransAmerica Bike Ride Day 9 – 67 miles

Ray put me in a trailer in his back yard for the night. It wasn’t heated and the temperature got into the low 30s. I had plenty of covers and made it thru the night OK.
Ray escorted me to breakfast at Mike and Ronda’s The Place. They served more food than I could eat even though I’d only had a chocolate banana malt at Dairy Queen for dinner. After breakfast Ray escorted me to the edge of town then bid me farewell.
I only had a few miles before I returned to I-40. Today it was downhill with the wind at my back. Nothing could have been better. I left Flagstaff around 9:00 and reached Winslow by 1:00.


Yeah,  that’s me standing on a corner in Winslow Arizona. There really isn’t much else to do in Winslow. And at least that let me stay true to one song today,  because unlike Nat’s admonition, I had to forget Winona. Route 66 is more of a concept than an actual road. Some bureaucrats decided what roads actually made it up, and there were several of these alignments over the years. It turns out that Winona was bypassed in the 40s. I made an attempt to detour to Winona anyway but it was too far out of the way.
Debbie, who took my standing on the corner picture, sent me to the Winslow 911 Memorial which includes two of the beams from the World Trade Center that had traveled around the country. She also directed me to a cheap hotel that has a hot tub. Awesome!


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