TransAmerica Bike Ride Day 8 – 82 miles

I had dinner last night at the Roadkill Cafe. Janie the waitress had me spend nearly as much as my room cost. I went back for breakfast since I had to wait for the temperature to hit 50. The climbing began right away. In the middle of the first hill I encountered a rider going the other way. He stopped to talk and he had a lot to say. This guy has been riding around the country with his wife and their dog for 8 years. He pulls the dog, a border collie in a trailer and they mostly camp out. He seemed to really need to talk to someone. I know how that gets. He talked so much I forgot to ask his name.
19 miles into the ride I had to get onto Interstate 40 and stay on it for more than 50 miles. The ride turned out to be better than I’d expected. They actually had signs warning bike riders to stay on the shoulder. That seemed about as useful as the hot coffee warnings. The only tricky part was getting past the entry and exit ramps.
I was above 5000 feet all day and above 6000 for most of it. I peaked at the Arizona Divide which is 7335 feet. I’m pretty sure that’s the highest I’ll be for the entire trip. There really isn’t enough oxygen for me to ride and think so today was all just riding. I caught myself singing Big Mama’s kitchen spirituals on a few downhills. Other than that I don’t remember much of the day until I got off the Interstate.
Tonight I’m having my first warmshowers host of the trip. Cosmic Ray is a bicycle fanatic. He has ridden everywhere. He’s going back to Spain in a couple of weeks. He won’t know how to act at sea level where the air is real.
Flagstaff makes the 4th of the 10 cities mentioned in the song, excluding Chicago and LA.



2 thoughts on “TransAmerica Bike Ride Day 8 – 82 miles

    1. Yes she would. Although with me she’d probably be more surprised that I knew any of the words to those songs.

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