TransAmerica Bike Ride Day 3 – 64 miles

It turns out that my commitment to be true to Route 66 left me in a difficult spot as I began the day. There weren’t many paved roads from which to choose. After consulting with the hotel manager, I had a plan that would get me to Victorville on mostly paved roads. I had to wait until 9:30 for 50 degrees.
As soon as I turned out of the Best Western parking lot I was climbing hills. There’s an object lesson in that. I had complained about the climbing yesterday but it was nothing compared to today. The uphills were steep and long. The downhills were shallow and short. At least that’s how it seemed to me.
Almost immediately after I started I encountered my first cyclist of the trip. Jeff Larson pulled up next to me as I climbed the first hill. We rode together for about 6 miles. He’s a retired San Bernardino firefighter who is training for a 3 peaks century. Needless to say the hills were less daunting for him. He provided good company and made sure I found my turn.
The turn led to more hills and I began to wonder what is better: short steep hills or long shallow ones? Then I wondered if the same answer held for up and downhills. In the end I decided that I prefer whatever I’m not currently riding regardless of whether it was up or down.
The day passed easily. The weather was perfect. I had my share of tailwind. I considered going beyond Barstow since stopping here made me officially a day behind but the desert awaits me so I didn’t. Besides, I get to eat at Lola’s!



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