TransAmerica Bike Ride Day 2 – 30 miles

The temperature was 43 when I woke up in my wigwam. I like to have 50 and it was nearly there by the time I was packed to go so I layered up and hit the road.  I only traveled a couple of miles before I turned toward the mountains and began a never-ending climb. Most of it was gradual but a few places took my shortest gear. I did get out of the city but the grade kept my pace at about the same as yesterday. The difference is that today I pedaled all the time so the average meant something where yesterday I had huge swings in pace.
The sky was partly cloudy and the wind was gusty so I kept stopping to add or remove my outer layer. On one such stop, I took off my glasses to wipe my brow. A mile and a half later I realized that I had left my glasses behind. There’s an unexpected downside of prescription sunglasses. You have to go back for them.
I stayed true to Route 66 to my eventual detriment. Just as I was passing a painted Route 66 emblem in the road and thinking it was almost as comforting as a familiar Dan Henry, the route ended. I had to choose between a treacherous looking BMX trail or backtracking several miles or getting onto Interstate 15. The trail was definitely out and the interstate seemed awfully risky on my second day so I backtracked. After a bit I realized that I’d have to go almost all the way back to San Bernardino. Then I15 didn’t seem so risky. I doubled back again and hit the onramp hoping I didn’t see a trooper in the short stretch to the next exit. Wouldn’t you know one passed me getting on the freeway at the same ramp. He didn’t seem to care. I got to the next exit without event and pulled into a Subway to get lunch and regroup. While I ate, the wind picked up and it started to rain, then hail, then snow! The windchill had reached 35 and I knew I was done for today. Lucky for me there was a Best Western across the street. Wasn’t that a grownup decision?
I hope the weather is better tomorrow.



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