TransAmerica Bike Ride Day 1 – 81 miles

I took my stuff out of the big purple suitcase that I left as a thank-you gift for the Kelsos. Kevin fixed me an enormous omelet and I set out for the Santa Monica pier. The first thing I noticed is that the California drivers consider red lights sort of optional. Not just one more car goes thru, but every car that could possibly have seen the light when it was green. I decided my survival depended on me obeying the lights. As a result, my speed today was slower than I expected. I spent all day sitting at stoplights or coasting up to them. While I traveled thru a dozen or more cities, there was no open space between them. I’d cross an intersection and be in another city. I couldn’t keep track. I wonder how far out it is until the people stop considering themselves to be living in LA.
The other thing that was too numerous to count was the number of businesses that used Route 66 in their name. It covered all industries and sizes of companies.
Once I found it, I stayed pretty much on Route 66. I had trouble whenever it changed streets,  and since the route changed many times over the years it was sometimes a guess. Funny thing, Kevin told me at breakfast about his directional challenge that leads him to choose the wrong way more than half the time. I’ll bet I chose wrong every single time today.
Nonetheless I rode along the foothills and arrived at the Wigwam Motel, which I had earlier determined to be too touristy for me.



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