A New Adventure is About to Begin

I haven’t posted in nearly seven months. I got back home from the ride around Lake Michigan with two powerful thoughts. First, I had to accelerate my departure for my cross country bike ride, and second, I needed to quit working.

My partners were accommodating of my decision to stop working. We had been discussing it for a few months and it seemed it was inevitable. I used the extra time to start training for the cross country ride, which I scheduled for April and May. Well, I’m one week away from the start. My bicycle has already been shipped to Santa Monica where it will await my arrival next Monday. I have gathered the stuff I’m taking with me:


I’ll be following Route 66 from Santa Monica, California to St Louis, Missouri, then I will follow US 40 to Pittsburgh where I’ll pick up the Great Allegheny Passage to the C & O Canal Towpath which will take me to Washington DC. 46 days of riding over 49 days. 

Please follow along over the next two months. You’ll even be able to get near real-time updates on my location. In the gaps between updates, feel free to contribute to the Anchor of Hope Charities so I can travel to Africa with them in the fall to distribute shoes to about 20,000 children.


3 thoughts on “A New Adventure is About to Begin

    1. Please add 2 good Porter beers to that list. And there’s still time for you to ride the last day or two with me.

  1. Hi Damon! I did not know you were on the road! I am starting to read your journey today friday, May 23rd! I will get back to you when I am through reading. Talk soon! Charles Coderre

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