Ride Around Lake Michigan Day 10 (78 miles)

20130901_071105I still can’t figure out the deal with my GPS unit. Each morning, I punch in my expected destination and it tells me how long the ride will be. Inevitably the distance increases as I go thru the day so that I end up going an extra 5 to 10 miles. Again, that seems trivial to most of you, but rest assured, it is mentally devastating to reach the mileage that is supposed to signify the end of the day only to have more miles to go. This morning when I left the Weckop’s, my ride was to have been 70 miles.

For all the technology available to direct me, I still get the most comforting feeling about the correctness of my route from seeing someone’s Dan Henry painted on the side of the road. I was comforted for several days thru Michigan by the same set of white ones. I realized today that I’ve only seen one set since I entered the UP. With my GPS lying to me and my phone providing no help out in the boonies where there is no data coverage, it sure would be nice to see a big old Dan Henry on the side of the road.

My great conversation today was a rolling one. I got on the Fox River bike trail that runs from Green Bay to Greenleaf right behind Chick and Paul, two guys who seem to do a lot of riding. After I passed them, they drafted off me for a while until they felt a little guilty about drafting on a guy who has two big panniers hanging on the back of his bike. They pulled alongside and we talked for the next 10 miles until the bike trail switched from paved to gravel. I decided that 10 miles on the crushed limestone would mean a lot of time doing bike maintenance so I rerouted to surface streets. Paul and Chick turned around to head back. They weren’t interested in riding the gravel either.

The weather was pretty good again today. Most of the day was overcast so I didn’t have the sun beating down on me. It did get warmer than had been predicted, and for some reason I felt that I wasn’t getting enough liquids. I rode thru farm country all day. I never found a good place for my 25 and 50 mile stops. I stood at an intersection around 30 miles and ate the banana that Diane had given me, along with two of the four fresh baked chocolate chip cookies that she had made last night. At 50, I stopped in a gas station in Manitowoc. I ate a donut and the other two cookies. Not a great eating day. I did replenish my fluids tho, adding 32 ounces of Gatorade and another 32 ounces of water. And Susie would be proud of my extensive use of the chapstick she added to my gear the night before I left.

I considered taking the ferry across Lake Michigan and back. I didn’t realize the distance. The ride is 4 hours each way. I guess I’ll have to save that one for another trip.

As I rolled out of Manitowoc, a rider on a recumbent passed me. I’ve always thought recumbents were really dangerous and unstable, but this guy was moving on his. We had a brief exchange as he went by. This adventure of mine seems to pique the interest of anyone who has done even a modicum of bike riding, and many others. It makes a great conversation starter.

Finally, I arrived in Sheboygan. There was a Piggly Wiggly just a mile or so from the Sizemore’s house so I stopped to pick up beer. As fabulous as Diane had been yesterday, she told me I’d have to drink Blue Moon or girl beer because there were no other options. I wasn’t taking that chance today.

Tonight’s stay is one of the stranger ones of this trip. Rob and Dawn Sizemore used to be neighbors of ours in Indianapolis. Their 3 children are about the same age as our 3, which connected us initially. I think Rob is one of the most calm (and calming) people in the world. I love having conversations with him. Unfortunately, because of my earlier start, he and Dawn were out of town this weekend, but he gave me instructions to get into his house so I could stay here anyway. This is the first time I’ve been to their house and I’m in it all alone. I feel like an incompetent cat burglar. My route


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