Ride around Lake Michigan Day 8 (83.5 miles)

The EconoLodge’s deluxe continental breakfast wasn’t too deluxe, but I got some carbs in me and hit the road. The ride was a lot like yesterday: gentle hills and mild temperatures. I couldn’t find a place to stop by 25 so I stopped at a closed down bar called Mac’s. Mac had been kind enough to leave a couple of kitchen chairs on the front porch. I ate my banana from the deluxe breakfast and caught up on my drinking. 10 miles later I stopped at a gas station to refill my water bottle.
People in the UP act as if it’s a separate state. I’ve entered a number of towns whose welcome signs proclaimed their high school’s UP State championship in one sport or another. As I entered Escanaba I passed the UP State fairgrounds!
Here’s an example of the weird things that go thru my head on the road. The Michigan tourist bureau puts up signs directing you to attractions that are just off your route. Some of the signs say Michigan on top. Others say Pure Michigan. It seems to me that the attractions within 5 miles get Pure while those farther away just get Michigan.
I blogged about my adventures during RAIN Storm last year without worrying about upsetting Susie. She doesn’t read this stuff…normally. She’s been keeping up this time. She asks questions about things I wrote when we talk. So, first let me say that I love her for supporting me in my hairbrained endeavors. But more importantly, let me suggest to everyone else that you come back and read these posts again after I have a chance to get home safely and edit them.
I finally felt like I had passed the halfway point when, after a double cheese butter burger basket at the Escanaba Culver’s, I started heading south toward Cedar River. Unfortunately, the wind began to blow out of the south as I turned. I guess I should have consulted Al Roker or Flat Chuck on Lake Michigan wind patterns. I hope I don’t ride into the wind all the way back too.
I finished my 83.5 miles around 2:30 in Cedar River. It’s a really small town, but the motel had a room. There was no one at the office when I arrived. They had left a clipboard with a registration form and a room key so I filled out the form and went to the room to perform my post-ride ritual.
It was too hot to go outside (I know that must sound strange from a guy who just spent seven and a half hours on a bike) and the mosquitoes were too viscous,  so I didn’t know how I’d spend my afternoon. I waited until the sun was down a bit before heading out to find food and beer. The town had a gas station and a bar. That worked for me.

I had the biggest altercation of my trip to that point in the bar when the bartender and I got into a tiff about the difference between whiskey and bourbon. They don’t drink much bourbon in the UP. My route




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