Ride around Lake Michigan Day 7 (72 miles)

I had breakfast at the White Tail Resort Motel. Other than Kim & Velda’s, it was the only place I’ve had 2 meals. The waitress convinced me without even trying to bypass the Hiawatha Trail and just ride on US 2 into Manistique. All she did was mention the big hill. When someone who’s not a bike rider talks about a big hill, riders should avoid it. I also took her advice to stop at the Cut River Bridge to see the view. The bridge was interesting and the view was awesome.



My first stop came at 22 miles in the home of the Snowmobile Museum. They were selling raffle tickets to complete the move to a new location. I couldn’t figure out how they’d get the storage shed to me if I won so I passed. I had a little allergy attack in my eyes as I got rolling again. It cleared up on its own over the next 5 miles.
I stopped for lunch at the Dreamland Restaurant where I had a burger and a piece of blueberry pie. I love these little restaurants.
As the day went by I saw more and more motorcycle riders headed west. At my lunch stop, there were 4 riders who joked about having waited for me. I told them I’d have hurried if I’d known. They told me they were on the way to the Harley 110th anniversary party. I started worrying about finding a vacant room up ahead.
Since I skipped the scenic route, and had great weather and no mechanical problems, AND NO HILLS, I got to Manistique very early in the afternoon. I checked with several hotels and motels in search of a hot tub. Turns out the new ADA rules are putting small establishments out of the hot tub business. I had to settle for a room with a deep bathtub. I really am going to get thru this trip without sleeping outdoors, unless the Harley guys cause me trouble. The mosquitoes are much larger up here in the UP. The good news about that is you can hear them coming. You can imagine the bad news. They also seem to hunt in packs. One sacrifices herself so the others can feast on you. My route


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