Ride Around Lake Michigan Day 6 (69 miles)

After removing my rear fender, it started raining just a few blocks after I got started today. No thunder or lightning this time. It was the kind of rain that you have to go outside into to be sure it’s really raining. You can see the ground is wet but you can’t tell if it’s really raining. Well, let me assure you that 20 minutes in that light rain will soak you.
I stopped at 27 miles in the town of Bliss. As soon as I got off the bike I knew I had a new mechanical problem. Machines don’t care too much for constant water. With my fender gone, the rack had managed to slide down the tubes until it was rubbing the rear tire and dragging me down. I spent an hour in Bliss taking the rack off and reinstalling it. The process would have been easier with a slight design modification.
I got to Mackinac City with dread about sleeping outdoors. The lady at the Information Center told me to stop in Brevort where I should be able to get a room. Joy! I bought a can of  chilli with a pull tab lid and ate a big pizza just in case.
It turns out the lady was right. I acquired a room at the White Tail Resort in Brevort, where I ordered a pastie in the restaurant. I had seen signs all along US 2 so I figured it was a food item and not what we think of. It turns out it isn’t even pronounced the way you said it. It was pretty good tho. My route



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