Ride Around Lake Michigan Day 4 (57.5 miles)

The kind couple that runs the Sunset gave me a cup of coffee before I hit the road. I thanked them again and promised to send them money when I got back home in a couple of weeks.

The first mile of the day was a steep climb out of Arcadia. I wouldn’t have been able to finish it if I’d had to do it at the end of yesterday’s ride. At the top of the hill was the scenic overlook that I had been told was before the town. Unfortunately, the morning fog hadn’t burned off so the view wasn’t spectacular for me. I imagined how it would have looked at sunset and kept riding.

The next town up turned out to be only 10 miles away from Arcadia, which was too bad because I had tagged it as my first stop of the day and it came too soon. Right about the 25 mile mark I passed a canoe outfitter place. As I rolled past, I thought about the possibility that this may be my only chance for a stop so I circled back. One of the owners sold me one of his personal bananas and a Gatorade to refill my bottle. Their breakfast selection wasn’t appealing even to a hungry bike rider.

I found myself still following the big white Dan Henrys most of the way to Traverse City. I took an inland shortcut to shave off 10 miles, but I found the big Dans again when I entered Traverse City. I wonder where these guys went. Will they take me all the way to the UP?

The day was uneventful. I rode up a lot of hills and down a few. There always seems to be more up than down. The heat and the hills (and the constant wind from the north) wore me down a bit. At one point, while I was stopped for a quick drink, I locked in my right foot to take off just as a farmer pulled out onto the road with his tractor. I lifted my hand to wave, and tipped right over onto the ground. No real damage, but it was a sign of my mental state. So I took assessment of my condition:

Other than early saddle sores, I’m doing OK physically. Oh, I’m also losing strength in my index and middle fingers on my right hand. I have a couple of scratches on my right elbow and knee from the fall. But if the saddle sores weren’t TMI, I started wearing bandages on my nipples on day 3. The friction was rubbing them raw.

Mentally, I was in an odd place most of the day. My reflexes were slower, as was my response time. Several times I thought of math problems then quickly decided they were way too hard to try to figure out. I also felt highly suggestible, like when hypnotized.

My warmshowers guy blew me off so I found a Comfort Inn with a 24 hour hot tub. My Route.




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