Ride Around Lake Michigan Day 3 (77.5 miles)

I left Hart at 8:30. MapMyRide won’t show the route I planned on my phone any more so I had to depend on the lying Edge GPS. For most of the day I was following big white Dan Henrys. I don’t know where these guys were headed but the covered about 60 miles without turning back. I still didn’t see much more than peeks of the Lake thru the trees.


My first stop was at a little grocery where I got a Powerade and a banana. I’m not seeing Gatorade in the stores where I stop. I was intentional about drinking more today because I had a couple of cramps last night, and it was supposed to be a hot humid day.


My second stop was in a little town where the liquor store/deli was grilling burgers and brats on the sidewalk. I had a burger and another Powerade plus a bottle of water. I stopped one more time in a little park that was 10 miles from my destination. I had been warned at lunch that the last 10 miles were mostly uphill. I had also been told that there was a spectacular view of the lake right before entering the town. With that knowledge, I skipped taking a lakeview picture in favor of the awesome view to come. Well, I didn’t see the overlook so I got no picture of the lake today.

I’m staying at the Sunset Valley Resort/Motel in Arcadia. I didn’t realize there was a slash in the name until I got here. The resort is the trailer camp out back, and the motel is 15 rooms in various configurations of beds and kitchenettes. When I checked in, the lady at the desk told me that they don’t take credit cards. My heart sank. I told her that would be a problem. She said not to worry. I could just mail her the money when I get back home. I know you didn’t think people like this still existed did you?

When I asked about getting dinner, she told me that the one restaurant in town closes after lunch. The last town I had come thru was 10 miles back, and I was told that the next town ahead was about 20. I suspected dinner was going to be Snickers, Clif bars, and recovery drinks.

The Sunset had a private beach so I trotted down to experience Lake Michigan. I got in about as deep as my knees before deciding that this water is entirely too cold to be pleasant, even as I watched kids frolic in it nearby.

As I returned from my brief encounter with the lake, I noticed that all of the campers, and many of the motelers, were setting up grills. I decided to sit out there with my Snickers and perhaps meet another kind soul in Arcadia. I did. Grant and Ruth Anderson, who are regulars at the Sunset, invited me to join them and their daughter and grandson for burgers. Nothing ever tasted so good. It was nice to have a meal with others. They were good company.

My route.


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