KISS your Life Plans

I came across a commentary in The Globe and Mail recently that provided one tip to help me run a better small business. That tip was: simplicity. The article tells an anecdote from Ken Segall’s book, Insanely Simple: The Obsession That Drives Apple’s Success, that demonstrates how even Steve Jobs, the poster child for simplicity, sometimes got caught up in complexities.

As I read the article, I thought about how it really does apply to the slow transition I’ve been experiencing over the past couple of years. It’s one of those changes that sneaks up on you and is in full swing before you really take note. I have been making my life simpler in spite of all of the societal forces to complicate it. I first noticed it when we began preparing to move. Because we were going to smaller space, we had to get rid of some stuff. I felt a sense of relief with each possession I got rid of.

The simplifying continued once we moved downtown. I walk to many of the places I need to go. The walking has connected me more to my neighbors and community. The cycle is virtuous, and contagious. As I read Segall’s story of tossing paper wads at Steve Jobs, it hit me that my simplification plans have become conscious. I look for ways to make my life simpler and implement them.

Of course, I still have to deal with the societal conspiracy to complicate things. We moved our office to Castleton in January so I have to drive to work again, but, I stay home one day a week. I plan early morning and late afternoon meetings downtown so I can avoid any commuter traffic. I still walk to theaters and restaurants and the grocery store.

Simplicity isn’t easy, but it’s worth the effort to create some in your life.


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