Distractions are Everywhere

I started a low level rant a while back about us all being on the trip to Abilene. We hate the always-on nature of our lives yet none of us is willing to turn off for a little while. When I starting talking about this at the end of last year, I thought it was something that no one else had recognized. I’m beginning to think it was something that had slowly leaked into my conscious thoughts because a lot of people around me were hinting at it. I really hope the latter is true. As much as I see the need for us to change our evil ways, I just don’t think I have enough fight in me to help anybody but me on this one.

Chris Brogan sends me an email every Sunday. It’s not just to me. It’s his weekly post to his part of the known world. In his email, which is also available as a podcast and a blog post, he imparts some words of wisdom around a topic that has attracted his attention. This week he wrote about distraction. He actually titled his email, “Are You Feeling Overwhelmed?” Yes, I answered before even opening the email. As I read, I found myself nodding my head at several points. I even mumbled a few “uh huhs” as I went along. Then I came to the part where he said I was likely nodding along but I should do more. So I did. I wrote this post to continue the thoughts that I once thought were originally mine.

meditatorIf you have that feeling that the world will run away if you don’t stay on top of everything, let it go for just a little while each day. I start my day with 20 minutes of meditation. I’m not the best at meditating but I commit to sit still for those 20 minutes and attempt to have an empty mind. I usually spend 20 minutes chasing away errant thoughts, but at least I just chase them away. I make no attempt to catch them or do anything with them. I check my email 3 (sometimes 4) times a day during the week, once on Saturday, and not at all on Sunday. I still find text messages by accident. And I’m every bit as effective as I was a year ago when I was sweating about all the stuff that I might be missing out on.

Just try it. Take 20 minutes today to do absolutely nothing.


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