Your Mind Needs Some Slow Time

Slow DownBack in October I sat in a presentation by Holly Green. Her presentation was interesting, dealing with the way our brains work and the difficulty our always-on living presents to it. One item she noted during the presentation was that more than half of us had intentionally run a red line within the previous 30 days. I found that to be an alarmingly large number, so I set out to validate this thru observation. So now, almost six months later, I’m pretty sure she’s close. Most times that I approach a changing stoplight, someone charges right thru, often having to swerve around someone in front of them who is stopping for the light. WTF!

I’m pretty convinced that people are, for the most part, losing their minds. The constantly amazing piece of that is that we’re unconsciously choosing to live in an environment in which our brains can’t manage. As some of you know, I’ve chased that Zen center in myself for years now. I practiced Tai Chi regularly until my instructor left for China. I switched to mindfulness meditation and found that to help. I’m intentionally trying to slow down and give my brain a chance to catch up. All the while most of the people around me are trying to go faster. The amazing thing is that I don’t seem to be falling behind. Just like I tend to catch up with the red-light runners at the next red light.

So stop fooling yourself. You aren’t any better at multi-tasking than any of the people you see doing stupid things as they try to do many things at once. Slow down if you really want to speed up.


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