It Makes Sense to Me

Tom Joyner's Autobiography

I just finished Tom Joyner’s book, “I’m Just a DJ, But It Makes Sense to Me.” I listened to it in the car as I begin settling into my new commute to work. I am really impressed with Tom Joyner now. Before the book, I did think he’s just a DJ. Now I believe he is one of the great Americans. My list of great Americans is quite different from most people’s. It doesn’t include the guys on Mount Rushmore. It consists of people who are quietly doing their thing to make the world right around them a better place.

Every now and then, one of them, like Tom Joyner, manages to succeed beyond his expectations and takes advantage of that success to expand the world right around them and continue doing good in it. While Tom says he’s just a DJ, he’s a lot more. He passed on the opportunity to continue with Lionel Richie and the Commodores to graduate from Tuskegee Institute. He unabashedly supports Black America whether it’s PC or not. Thru his Tom Joyner Foundation, he’s raised tens of millions of dollars to support students at historically black colleges and universities. And both of his sons work in the business with him.

I know he doesn’t do Shout Outs, but if he did, here’s to you Tom Joyner.


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