Snow Days Provide Reflection Time

Today is the first snow day of this winter season. Falling on the day after Christmas leads to an extended time away from the office. However, it’s like I stole the time. I’m torn between enjoying a free day and being guilty for slacking off from work. I know that seems crazy, but it’s the truth. As I sat eating a late breakfast, I considered how I ought to spend the day and two very distinct options came to mind. First, I could fire up my computer and catch up on some of the things that I don’t get done at work because of other distractions; and second, I could hang out with my family and take advantage of this time gift from nature.

As I pondered the choice, I looked at the people around me and realized they were dealing with similar thoughts. So I took a few minutes to reflect on my predicament. I love my job and I work hard at it. Having the day off will not make any of the things I need to get done go away. It will only make them more pressing when I get back to them. On the other hand, I have my son here from DC, and he can’t cut out to hang with his friends. My mother-in-law is here from Terre Haute and she really has nothing to do, especially since we don’t have the Big Ten Network. And of course my wife is at home wondering how much work she can get done from here.

I chose to split the difference. I’ll work until everyone has had time to get dressed and fed, then we’ll spend some time together enjoying one another, and remembering how things like snow storms have a way of dramatically changing our priorities.


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