Opening and Closing Doors and Windows

Image2012 has been a year of change in my life. Besides the fact that I celebrated my 50th birthday and all of the angst that goes with that, I moved for the first time in more than two decades; I started another company, I merged my twenty-one year old company, and I’m about to close the company I just started. In addition, I nearly killed myself riding around southern Indiana in the middle of one of the hottest summers on record. And I threw out my back so badly that I think I may have ended my career as a recreational runner.

On top of all of that, my mother came closer to dying than I’d ever considered. She’s fine now, but she can no longer drive herself around and we don’t think she’ll ever be able to live alone again. My brother and sister won’t let me tell her that so I keep changing the subject when she brings it up.

These sound mostly like doors and windows closing, but in a strange way, they are also openings. We moved downtown into a condo that was owned by a guy we met by chance at a beach bar in Belize. How can that not be cosmic? The place is fantastic and Susie and I are extremely content with being downtown. We can walk to work, and to just about everything else we need to do. This couldn’t have happened without the move. As a bonus, we became landlords to avoid the crazy housing market and that’s working great so far.

It was from meeting my neighbor in the condo below me that the new business got started. It was a combination of an idea he was dabbling with and a concept that my partner Rob and I had been discussing over the years. Our goal was to build a master database of restaurant menu info to seed other developers who needed the data. Two things worked against us: several other companies started the same concept around the same time and they got BIG venture funding; and, it turns out that my neighbor drives me up the wall so we’re detrimental to one another’s creative genius. I’d rather be a good neighbor than a bad business partner who lives next door, you know?

The merger? That becomes effective on January 1st. Port-to-Port Consulting ceases to exist and a new organization called Spectrum Technology will begin providing outsourced IT support to businesses in central Indiana. For the first time in a very very long time, I will not be the majority owner of the place where I work. So many of the headaches are connected to that ownership fact. Adjusting will take time, but I’ve got time.

I wrote about the bike ride while I was doing it back in July. You can read about it in those posts.

The 50th birthday really wasn’t much for me.


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