This has been a mentally and physically challenging week. Today was rather anti-climatic after all the other events of the week. After finishing the 105 miles yesterday, I showered, hot tubbed, then attended the Drury Inn Happy Hour while waiting for Susie and her mom to come and pick me up. They also brought Dan, Susie’s brother. We went to Charlie’s Hideout and had Cheese Tweeties. Dora had doubts about even going in, but she liked the Tweety.

The rest of the RAINSTORMERs traditionally leave from the Drury Inn instead of going to the official start at St Mary of the Woods. They also usually leave before the official 7:00 start time. Neither of those felt right to me. Since I spent the night at Dora’s, I was able to go to the start line without upsetting anyone. I started with the pack at 7:00.. The weather was nice and the hills were moderate. Lots of volunteers manned very well planned sag stops. The course was almost over-marked if that’s possible. Except that this was a 160 mile ride, it was nothing to speak of.

I didn’t get chased by any dogs. The only thing of note all day were a couple of bike malfunctions. My rear brake was rubbing for a considerable part of the first 30 miles. Nick the mechanic fixed it for me at the first rest stop. That was fabulous. Somewhere during the second half of the ride, my rear shifter started malfunctioning. It didn’t return to its neutral position so I had to manipulate it before shifting up or down.

Susie met me at the end and I’m off to dinner and a hot tub.

I’m glad I did this. I don’t think I’ll do it again … But there is that niggling feeling that I didn’t really DO it. I missed about 144 miles during the week. So you never know.


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