Today the weather was much more to my liking, although there were still more hills than I anticipated. The skies were overcast most of the day. In fact, I was surprised at one point when I suddenly saw my shadow. I spent a total of about an hour in misty rain. It wasn’t an issue except for keeping my glasses clear.

Only one dog threatened me today, but another scared the hell out of me when he snuck up on me. Then I realized he was just running along with me for some exercise and was not a threat at all. I forgot to mention that I saw 3 deer yesterday. Each one made me think of Jeff Clark. I don’t think he’d have taken the shot on any of these — too small.

Several times this week I found myself wishing I had one or two shorter gears. Today I didn’t as often because standing up to climb a hill gave my butt a break so I was glad to do it.

I rode alone again all day but I saw a lot more riders at the rest stops. I didn’t see the sag wagon until just outside Terre Haute. It didn’t seem worth stopping with only 10 miles to go. Turns out it might not have mattered. True to form, in an attempt to cross Terre Haute from east to west, I got railroaded by a long slow train. I was less than 2 miles from the end but I got to take a break anyway.

My fellow riders responded strangely to my performance today. I don’t know if they became convinced that I had no business attempting this. My bicycle was notably less elite than the other riders. They didn’t seem to be nearly as incredulous with the performance of other riders who had sagged in this week, including a few today. I’m just saying.

All-in-all, I’m glad I did this. It helped me figure out some things about my transcontinental bike ride in a couple of years. One of the veterans asked me if I’ll try again next year. Lucky for me, RAIN is on Susie’s birthday next year. My fundraiser isn’t doing so well though.


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